Custom Desk closes.

Custom Desk of Seattle is closed with effect from December 31st, 2012.  I will continue to post anything I think is interesting on the Building Custom Desks blog, which continues to be free.

Not taking on new business at this time

Please note - I am not taking on any new business at this time.

I have a job that I expect to last at least 6 months, and maybe longer depending on circumstances.

I continue to offer support to existing clients if they need it, and will also continue writing articles for my free blog on desks, woodworking and related matters.

Good news for iPad users

The specifications of Apple's new iPad 3 have been released - see

If you already have one of my folding iPad stands and will be buying an iPad 3, don't worry - it will fit the same stand.  I'm emailing my existing iPad stand customers to confirm this.

iPad Stand

Folding iPad Stand

Got an iPad?
Get this elegant, folding iPad stand - made to order by me to fit your iPad 1, 2 or 3.
See portable solutions for details.

Your Desk

People do their best work with the right desk.
The right desk for you:
  • helps you work the way you want to work
  • is comfortable for you to use
  • stores your things where you want them
  • makes good use of your space
If your desk isn't right for you, contact me to arrange a free visit to your office or home.

Take a look at the design process for your desk.

Desk experiences

My first desk
My first desk
My experiences with office desks have probably been similar to yours.  The first day in a new office I was steered by a supervisor to an unfriendly object and told "That's your desk".

We get into the habit of accepting what we are given.  When you change offices, are promoted and moved up the ladder, the experience is the same - even when you have an office of your own, you may not have had any choice about your desk.

We sit at these desks for long periods of time.  If they are not comfortable we can still feel creaky, even if we take the recommended regular breaks to stretch.

Our legs can feel confined by chests of drawers, we can't quite reach something we need to use, and getting the right working height for the keyboard can be elusive, even with a modern, adjustable office chair.

When you choose your own desk, whether at your office or at home, you have the opportunity to break out of the mold.  Make sure you have a desk that works for you, not against you.

Contact me to arrange a free visit.